About Us

We at Semper Care are avid believers in promoting people’s independence as much as possible

Who are we?

Semper Care is a family run business in Bradford which is small enough to provide a personalised, high level of care but big enough to cope. We specialise in providing bespoke, personalised care and support services by working very closely with each of our service users. We make regular contact with our service users and create progress reports to monitor how things are going. We work with the private sector and the local authorities throughout West Yorkshire.

The Semper care team

We are avid believers in promoting people’s independence as much as possible. We will work closely with everyone involved including family members, social workers and any other health professionals ensuring you receive the highest quality of care. We will tailor your package to find ways to promote your independence whilst being respectful of your background and cultural needs.

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Semper Care Staff

Semper Care staff are equally supported to further their skills and education in addition to the specialist services we offer our clients. All of our staff members are enrolled onto a level 2 or 3 Health and Social Care course after 6 months of employment, funded by Semper Care. We hold monthly sessions and mentor meetings for staff who need support and guidance in completing their course. We also offer our staff the opportunity to learn how to undertake office duties including auditing, rota management, service user reviews and spot checks.

As we are a growing company, there will be opportunities for senior carers and coordinator roles in the upcoming months which will be advertised internally.

We are registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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